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Readers Say Thanks

CMC partners with Arts Council

This summer Colorado Mountain College teamed up with the Glenwood Springs Arts Council to present 3 Dance/Art/Photography/Yoga camps for youth at CMC Glenwood.

The last camp has ended. The count is in, with total enrollment of 117. The camps integrated art and photography with the art of dance. Students learned from outstanding instructors, experiencing relationships in the arts, as well as warm friendships.

Thank you, CMC, for providing the chance for students to learn, teen interns to be recognized, gifted teachers to teach. Special thanks to Sam Schroyer of CMC who reached out to the Arts Council. The camps were a collaborative effort between the Arts Council, whose members developed curriculum and selected instructors, and CMC which provided the space, hired the instructors and handled registration.

A huge thanks to lead art teacher Thelma Zabel, photography teacher Cath Adams, art teacher Traci Wilson and yoga instructor Whitney Roginski. The dance instructors each brought their own special style. Those teachers were Laura Bahr, Susan Mount, Emily Fifer, Becca Rogers, Alexandra and Anthony Jerkunica, and me, along with interns Sophie Carnoali, Skylar McLaren and Cadie Harrison. Thanks also to eight teen and pre-teen assistants.

We will offer six dance classes and three art classes for youth at CMC Glenwood in the fall, which are listed on the CMC website and will be in the fall catalog. Registration has started. The number of classes will be fewer than what we were able to offer at the former Center for the Arts, but our students will continue learning.

Glenwood has a rich history of high quality community-based education in dance, art, music, ceramics and theater. Our community should be very proud of this. The arts shape lives. Dance education helps students become strong, expressive, creative, confident, smart, proud and disciplined. Opportunities in the arts give young people leadership and team building experiences, a sense of identity, personal connections and friendship, while they learn to focus, work hard and have fun.

Maurine C. Taufer

Glenwood Springs

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