Readers Say Thanks |

Readers Say Thanks

There are no words

Grief comes in all shades of blackness, but in between are shards of light, which are people offering their love and support. I can only manage a tiny whisper of thanks to all the unbelievable number of friends and families that came to honor John’s service at St. Mary’s of the Crown on Saturday the 28th. It reflected the love and respect held for John, and it means more to us than any words can say at such a devastating time.

I’d like to mention all the first responders who went to the lake. I wish I knew you all by name to thank you personally but know that I cherish those efforts, in particular Doug McMillan and Ralph Gunning, who searched tirelessly on the lake for John and Bret.

Our gratefulness for the avalanche of flowers, calls, texts and food that has continued to arrive. It is what is sustaining us.

And to the beautiful women of St. Mary’s of the Crown Altar and Rosary Society for the incredible reception they prepared for our family and friends following Mass.

Last but by no means least, I wanted to tell the anonymous angel who blessed us with a special gift on behalf of John, that you are in my prayers. I may never know who you are but you do and so does God. He will certainly be watching over you and loving you always for your generosity.

Please keep John in your prayers.

Love to you all,

The Teague family

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