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readers Say Thanks

Donors to NW Youth for Christ silent auction were very generous

The dinner and silent auction for NW Youth for Christ were very successful. Thanks to so many generous donations.

I had a business in Glenwood for several years. I had worthy organizations and nonprofits come in weekly, if not daily, asking for some type of donation. I know it’s not possible to give to every worthy cause, so I’m grateful for the kindness of the donors. I was asked to help out with Youth for Christ’s silent auction this year. I was on the other end of the transaction — doing the asking instead of donating. And I can tell you, I’d rather give them ask.

However, I’m amazed and grateful that businesses and individuals up and down the valley are so willing to give back abundantly to their communities. Makes me proud to live in this valley.

Please, during the holiday season, please shop local. We need to show our local businesses that we appreciate their generosity to so many causes. Do this by shopping local.

Thank you,

Terri Knob


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