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Readers Say Thanks

John Schell

John Schell retiring after almost 24 years

D.M. Neuman Construction Co. would like to thank John Schell for almost 24 years of dedicated service to our company, our clients and our friends.

John has served our community well by putting in long hours working with the varying teams to construct many of the local buildings that you drive by on a daily basis.

John has poured himself into every project that he has crossed with the intention that it was his most important time and time again.

He has led our teams from being stung by OSHA to winning state and national safety awards.

John has built small, less-than-attractive projects with the same pride that led the National Project of the Year in 2012.

John has put D.M. Neuman Construction Co. in a better place because of his hard work and dedication to our company.

He will be missed by many, and we wish him a happy and prosperous retirement.

John was most recently running the restroom facility project at the Hot Springs Pool.

Jason Neuman

D.M. Neuman Construction Co.

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