Another fine season of Summer of Jazz before the torch gets passed |

Another fine season of Summer of Jazz before the torch gets passed

The Glenwood Springs Summer of Jazz is 24 years old this season and we are back, better and more improvisational than ever. The season continues every Wednesday evening through July 29. We want to give a shout-out to the incredible community of Glenwood Springs that has supported us year in and year out. Many of the annual sponsors that support the Summer of Jazz write us into their budgets each year. Others wait for the call or letter followed by gentle bantering … and respond with incredible generosity… with donations of everything from hotel rooms for the musicians, the stage banners, backline instruments to flowers for the backstage, wonderful photographs, transportation, accounting, the use of Two Rivers Park … and of course, $$$$!! It all comes pouring in and Glenwood Springs as a community should be amazingly proud of what we have and the continued generosity that defines who we are and how lucky we are to occupy this beautiful corner of the planet. We do, however, need to address the ever growing size of the crowd and some of the etiquette that should be practiced this season. It is all about R-E-S-P-E-C-T! This means that the “No Dogs” signs will be enforced: Please keep your pets home and respect the other concert goers. With the large crowds, the beasts are happier at home. Also, the use of cell phones, loud conversation and smoking are not part of the scene in the front area of the Band Shell on Wednesdays. Everyone is there for a great time, including the talented musicians on stage, so please have your kids play tag and frolic on the other side of the sloped hills. Dancing is great; parents, you know what is distracting and what is cool. The SOJ is a great place to party and to see friends, but underage drinking and overindulgence are not tolerated. The Summer of Jazz has hired Ben Greene and Citadel Security to help our volunteer staff and Terry Wilson and the GSPD to keep the peace. We work so hard to provide a family friendly atmosphere for all. Please respect each other, the music and be nice.We have been putting on these concerts for 24 seasons and have loved almost every minute of it. After more than 225 shows, we feel that the time is coming for the next generation of jazz promoters to arise. The most logical place to turn for us was right in our family tree. This season, Claire Noone, our youngest daughter, will take over the reins as the summer director. She will be ably assisted by her siblings along with many cousins, friends and a cast of other volunteers. We got the music, we got most of the money, now it is up to the next generation to go with it. No pressure here, of course. We are planning on working on next season, the 25th, and then surf’s up, it is all yours!Aloha, Mary & Bob NooneGlenwood Springs

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