Another Golden State fan |

Another Golden State fan

Edward Clark

Dear Editor,

Bravo Mr. Doug White! It’s about time someone stood up to these ignorant, bleeding-heart, liberal California transplants.

I spent 22 years in the U.S. Air Force rescue special operations and would to it again if age would allow it. I often wonder why I bothered to put my life on the line in Vietnam, Nicaragua, Iran and other unnamed secret wars, because these mindless idiots have no concept of war, other than what they read in the liberal press and even more liberal TV.

I truly believe these people are brainwashed by the enemy from within until they too become the unwitting enemy.

As you stated, war is ugly, it is terribly bloody, terribly unfair to the non-combatants (collateral casualties) but it is (in many cases) a necessity to preserve the world. War is fought for freedom, for fuel, to prevent terrorism, etc. If there were no war, we’d be living armpit to armpit – the tree huggers would have no trees because they’d be used for housing and fuel for fire. The animal rightists would have to resort to eating that which they seek to protect, or better yet, one another.

This is the freest nation on earth, and it is our role to set an example for the rest of the world to follow. The United Nations is a farce. What a waste.

My suggestion to all of you transplants from planet Lah-Lah who’ve infiltrated so many truly wonderful states is to take your visas and passports and go back to California and live among the daisies and poppies. Smoke your grass and live in the dream world of illusions you have stewed up in your screwed up minds. Just leave. While you’re at it, leave the rest of us in the real world alone. Sit in your own trees, save your own animals, protect your own minnows and butterflies. Meantime, we’ll protect you in any way that is necessary. Have a nice trip – on the road, I mean.

Edward Clark

USAF Special Operations, retired


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