Another voice against war |

Another voice against war

Gay E. Moore

Dear Editor,I find it imperative to write and add my voice to the long and growing list of people who oppose the presidents’ unilateral stance of war with Iraq. This is a reckless course, simply because if the United States starts a war in Iraq without the backing of the international community, when the bombs start falling on America, they will sit back and do nothing to help us. The polls are not speaking for me. They apparently do not speak for a lot of people who are voicing their distrust of the President’s policy. I am skeptical of his ability to really take care of the “Saddam problem” without hurting the Iraqi people, and turning them into enemies of America. I am not disputing the fact that the madman has had a chance to work on WMD’s. However, the administration must at least allow the inspection teams to begin their work, not hold them back with uncompromising positions. The longer everyone delays, the more time he has to hide stuff. I say, get the inspections going, then worry about convincing the rest of the world that force is necessary. Who knows, it may not be, after all. The Iraqis, a highly educated population, may likely help us if they don’t think they’ll get bombed into oblivion by American forces. When they think “madman,” they are thinking of us. Not what I want anyone to think of me. No thanks. Also, it seems to me that in the mad rush to get to Iraq (and perhaps its vast oil reserves?), the President is forgetting many things. The economy is in the toilet, unemployment is rising, our rights and freedoms are being taken away from us by people we elected, and the corporate thieves have stolen even the kitchen sink, and apparently are getting away with it! I wrote a letter to the President, urging him to do what we started out to do after Sept 11, 2001: Catch bin Laden & Co. Finish what has been begun in Afghanistan, building a great and powerful nation out of chaos. Help empower the United Nations to begin a global pressure on Saddam, backed with international military might.I also think it is time we all started thinking of ourselves as global citizens first, because as a world power, everything we do affects the entire world, politically, socially and environmentally. Actions always speak louder than words. Gay E. MooreGlenwood Springs

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