Are some survivors more equal than other survivors? |

Are some survivors more equal than other survivors?

Dear Editor,

I am a World War II veteran, although somewhat less than heroic. As a callow youth of 21, I did volunteer and spent 18 months in the Pacific area during the height of the conflict. However, although close to the action, I never saw combat duty. Still, I have always considered myself a patriot, but how the majority of my fellow Americans would now view me, I just don’t know.

Thoughts keep running through my mind, such as I find it less than comforting that survivors of the World Trade Center disaster are receiving millions of dollars while the relatives of American soldiers dying in the Middle East receive a relative pittance. Surely their loss is just as great and their anguish just as deep.

The World Trade Center housed brokerage firms, for example. They employed stock analysts, some of whom may have been making millions of dollars. And there were those, don’t you suppose, who were making those millions in a somewhat less than honorable manner, similar to the unconscionable accountants and CEOs in the recent corporate scandals.

As I understand the pay-out situation, the higher the salaries of employees, the greater the survivors’ benefits. In short, the rich get richer.

I wonder, too, how many 9/11 victims or survivors were, just prior to the disaster, involved in divorce proceedings or living apart.

I wonder why a survivor of 9/11 is entitled to so much more, let’s say, than a survivor who had a son or daughter killed, without fault of the victim, in an automobile accident. Surely the 9/11 survivor’s sorrow is no greater.

Now, am I being unpatriotic for even thinking these thoughts, or am I just another old man of 80 who is in his dotage and should keep his thoughts to himself?

I wonder what your readers would say? Well, I’ll probably never know!


Richard F. Proud


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