Area retail changes will affect Marketplace success |

Area retail changes will affect Marketplace success

Debbie Stone Bruell

Dear Editor,

The “Which Would You Prefer?” advertisement for the Crystal River Marketplace (paid for, of course, by CRMP) is based on research which included two pieces of information that are now incorrect:

1) The original research used Target as a model for the anchor store. Target has higher profits than almost any other big-box retailer. We now know that Target is going to Glenwood, and not coming here. It is unlikely that any anchor store that did come to CRMP would bring in nearly as much revenue as the original research predicted.

2) The research was conducted in 2000, and did not take into account the fact that there will soon be a Super Wal-Mart in Rifle, as well as a Target and Lowe’s in Glenwood. These new developments are sure to reduce the number of shoppers willing to drive to Carbondale for their shopping.

With no anchor retailer committed to CRMP and big new commercial developments in the area, the prediction that CRMP will generate over a million dollars of annual surplus for the town is completely unrealistic.

A more likely scenario is that any big-box retailer that did agree to come would soon leave when their profits didn’t meet their national standards. Nothing could be worse for the commercial appeal of Carbondale than a huge vacant shopping mall. By the time that happens, the developers will be long gone.

Not all commercial developments are bad. This one is.

Please vote “no” on July 3 – 15.


Debbie Stone Bruell


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