Around the Corner: A little off the top

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues and non-essential businesses begin to close their doors, I’ve noticed people worrying about how they couldn’t go to their stylist, or the barber, and how long their hair was getting.

That hasn’t been a problem for me. I literally can’t remember the last time I even had my hair trimmed, let alone had it cut. 

Many of the Citizen Telegram readers probably recognize me because of the length of my hair, but for those who have known me my whole life, long hair is far from the norm for me.

In fact this is only the third time I have ever gone longer than 3 months without a little trim.

I went 32 years without my hair going past the collar of my shirt.

Throughout my youth and early adult years I stayed pretty conservative when it came to hairstyles.

Don’t get me wrong I tried to grow a mullet, which was all the rage in high school, which like many things from that time has made a comeback. Unfortunately I was blessed with straight as an arrow hair, I just couldn’t pull it off like my brothers and many of my classmates.

Senior year I did rock a Mohawk during our football playoff run — I even had my brother shave my number in the back of my head.

Other than the frugal college years when I cut my own hair, and even bleached it a few times, I’ve worn it short.

I’m a creature of habit, so when I find a good barber, I stick with them. Since moving to Colorado nearly 3 years ago I have yet to find a consistent and reasonably priced haircut.

So sometime in 2018 I just stopped going and let it grow. 

It is kind of a novelty, my wife likes it, and so does my mother. I do get some ribbing from my brothers, and a few friends, but I always like to be the contrarian in the family.

For the last few months it has grown to a length that I have only reached one other time. At this length it begins to be less fun and more maintenance.

I have never had super thick hair, but I have always had plenty of it. Lately I’ve noticed it is starting to thin up top.

Working on week four of self-isolation and social distancing I have more time to notice it, and decided to do something a little rash and kind of crazy in some people’s eyes — namely my wife — but for me it was time for a little quarantine trim.

So next time you see me, don’t be shocked, I’ll still wear my signature baseball cap to help people recognize me. 

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