Attorneys the only winners |

Attorneys the only winners

Dear Editor,

Westbank Ranch and Prehm Ranch are the newly appointed income providers for their two respective attorneys, Steven Beattie and Richard Neiley, it seems. After a year of negotiations to prevent Prehm Ranch from building a road through Westbank, which opens up a continuous bypass route from Midland Avenue in West Glenwood past Aspen Glen to Carbondale, the attorneys are well compensated and stand to earn a great deal more off the Westbank homeowners in the years to come.

Unfortunately, the Westbank homeowners are not only stuck with the road after a year and $50,000 worth of counsel, but they also have a settlement agreement with no remedies to protect them from future abuse. It is set up to further subsidize the attorneys’ income whenever Prehm and Westbank want to talk about their “arrangement.”

The Westbank homeowners have already been assessed hundreds of dollars for the brilliant work of their attorney in this case and it is just the beginning. They will be asked at the next meeting in April to approve an increase of their dues, this no doubt for future disputes which the settlement agreement does not remedy.

None of this would have happened if Garfield County had done its job in upholding county rules and regulations, which do not allow a common road to connect two subdivisions. None of this would have happened if Steven Beattie hadn’t filed a separate lawsuit without the knowledge or approval of the Westbank homeowners. None of this would have happened if Richard Neiley hadn’t built an illegal road after the county commissioners told him he couldn’t.

Where is justice? Where is Garfield County?

Richard and Gertrude Hess


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