Authorities quiet in Johler murder case |

Authorities quiet in Johler murder case

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GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colorado – Authorities have not released any new information regarding the murder investigation of Janine Ann Johler.

A Garfield County Coroner confirmed that the autopsy report has not been returned as of Friday evening. According to Garfield County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Holly Hopple, no information regarding the current status of the investigation was available.

Johler’s dismembered body was found in an apple orchard, just off Interstate 70 and Canyon Creek Road, on June 12. A teenage orchard worker found Johler’s remains in a bag that may have been torn open by animals. Her body was identified on June 19. She was last seen her Aurora home on May 1, and according to a 9NEWS report at the time of her disappearance, the Aurora Police described her as having a diminished mental capacity.

Authorities released a statement asking for anyone with information regarding the case to contact either the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office at (970) 945-0453, Garfield County Crime Stoppers at (970) 9450-0101 or Denver Metro Crime Stoppers at (720) 913-7867. However, the Sheriff’s Office was unable to comment on if the request yielded any credible information.

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colorado – Isreal Dela Rosa, the 19-year-old suspected in the attempted robbery at the Glenwood Springs Arby’s, was advised of the charges against him on July 6.

He is charged with attempting to commit aggravated robbery, a felony, reckless endangerment, recklessly discharging a firearm and false reporting to authorities, according to court records. He is also ordered to stay 100 yards away from the Arby’s restaurant. Dela Rosa remains in the Garfield County Jail on a $6,000 bond.

According to an arrest affidavit, Police responded to the Arby’s after an employee called in that someone had fired a gun in the parking lot, to the rear of the restaurant.

Upon arriving, police questioned a person riding a bike on the bike path behind the restaurant who said that they had witnessed a Hispanic male, dressed in all black, running “full-speed” down the path, the affidavit stated. Police contacted Dela Rosa running on the path, to the east of Stubler Memorial Field.

At that time, Dela Rosa told police that he was running because someone had shot at him with a gun, the affidavit stated. Dela Rosa was transported to Valley View Hospital, by ambulance, and treated for a leg injury. Dela Rosa told police he injured his leg after falling while running, the affidavit stated.

After Dela Rosa was released from the hospital he was identified, by the Arby’s employee who had made the call, as the suspect who attempted to hold up the joint, the affidavit stated.

Police again questioned him about the attempted robbery and, according to the arrest affidavit, Dela Rosa admitted that he had not been shot at, but that he had tried to hold up the restaurant and accidentally fired the gun as he crouched down at the rear entrance of the Arby’s.

The affidavit also stated that police found Dela Rosa in possession of gloves, a pillow case, and a handkerchief.

According to the arrest affidavit, Dela Rosa told police that he acquired a .357 black revolver from a friend and went over to the Arby’s. However, according to Police Chief Terry Wilson, police recovered a 9mm semiautomatic handgun near the scene, not a .357 revolver.

He told police that he waited outside for about 30 minutes for someone to bring out the garbage. When no one did, he knocked on a door at the rear of the building, the affidavit stated.

When no one answered, Dela Rosa knocked again, the affidavit stated.

An Arby’s employee told police that he saw Dela Rosa looking through the window after he heard knocking on the door.

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