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Avoid overprocessed food, at least on Dec. 10

Dr. Abba Krieger

Dear Editor,

Dec. 10 has been declared both International Human Rights Day and a day of civil disobedience. In their honor I am writing as to how the choice of foods we eat can celebrate both. After WW2, a peace movement in Japan was formed to oppose nuclear war. It was the macrobiotic movement, which has become well known as a pure food movement, but its origins are as an antiwar movement. This group of peaceniks decided that the best avenue toward peace was to keep food pure, and today this motto is even more appropriate.

Under the guise of feeding the hungry, poor and needy of the world, agribusiness corporate giants have so terrorized the food we eat that some of it has been officially, legally deemed nonfood and therefore exempt from food regulations!

And to make things worse they are pushing GMO food, genetically modified foods, which have never been tested for food safety in spite of warnings of increased allergy potential and resulting increased disease. Food is irradiated, microwaved, processed so much that the government requires it be enriched, pasteurized, homogenized, laced with pesticide and antibiotic residues, and laden with artificial colorings and flavorings, many of which are carcinogenic. The food industry giants are into one thing: profit. They are not into a sustainable environment, economy or health.

By taking a day – or lifetime would be even better, but start with a day – and avoiding all of these foods would be a day of protest against these giant agribusinesses which are producing GMO’s and huge animal farms and fast food chains.

Fast, if you like, give a $20 donation to a charity like Greenpeace, but even better support the organic food movement. Boycott your local supermarket and shop at the local health food store. Support your local organic farmers. Demand better food. Call your supermarkets and say we don’t want untested, unlabelled GMO’s. This action will be your civil disobedience and declaration that all humans are entitled to healthy food.

There is nothing more basic than that which supports life. The fact that doctors are not outraged by this flagrant violation of our health essentials is proof of their ignorance of the basic building blocks of life and health.

The best diet is a vegetarian diet, according to the longest public health study in the world, the Framingham heart study. This has been known for decades to reduce heart disease, cancer, gastrointestinal diseases and infection. Cutting back on meat is also the best diet for the environment.

Your actions make a big difference.


Dr. Abba Krieger



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