Band together for City Council recall

Jack Wilson

Dear Editor,

Fifteen-plus years I have watched adverse decisions by Glenwood Springs City Council members, adverse to the town’s population’s expressed desires and wondered when sufficient angst would rise resulting in recall of council members’ unheeding votes. Rather than organize for such an Aegean Stables housecleaning, each resident of Glenwood Springs has been oft to carp and grouse about City Council’s double dealing, lying and inferring money under the table, purposely citing feared retaliation via taxes or building inspection harassing.

Glenwood folk, if you’re brave enough to face and brace City Council, do band together and go after them like Texas fire ants or disturbed hornets and yellow jackets. You deserve and can secure better city government.

These Johnny’s have stayed too long at “the developer’s fair.” It’s time to clip these high flyers’ wings. Stephen Bershenyi’s letter can be your wake up call and the start of Glenwood’s catharsis. Recall is not a dirty word, though Richard Moolick’s “wimps” try to make it one. If you arrived here before yesterday, link up with Stephen and “give it a go,” as the Aussies say. “You can change a sorry scene. Hey, it’s your money, right?”

Jack Wilson

East Elk Creek

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