Be careful with whom you’re marching |

Be careful with whom you’re marching

Bob Anderson

Dear Editor,

I watched with a sort of morbid fascination on Feb. 15 as the so-called “peace coalition” marched through our town. I wonder if the folks in those marches realize just what they are marching for and who they are marching with.

The organizers of every major rally to date have deep, long-standing ties to a brand of hardcore Communism that seeks nothing less than the destruction of the United States. A.N.S.W.E.R., for instance, which has organized the bulk of the rallies, is a front group for the Workers World Party (WWP) – a Communist organization that avidly supports Kim Jong Il’s regime in North Korea.

United For Peace and Justice, the other principal organizer of the rallies, is headed by Leslie Cagan, a Communist radical since the 1960s who proudly aligns her politics with those of Castro’s Cuba.

And the Not In Our Name project, whose condemnatory statement against President Bush’s “imperial policy towards the world” is publicly recited as a gospel of sorts at most of the rallies, is headed by C. Clark Kissinger, a longtime Maoist activist and a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

Those who attend such rallies with the purest of intentions should be aware that they are being used. If they are blind to the true agenda they cannot know that they are being used as a propaganda tool by the enemies of this country. They should be no more eager to attend a “peace” rally organized by revolutionary Communists, than to attend a “civil rights” rally organized by the Klan or the Aryan Nation.

Bob Anderson

Glenwood Springs

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