Be prepared for evacuation |

Be prepared for evacuation

Dear Editor,

I just read “Fire on the Mountain.” I just moved to Glenwood in April. So when I read this book it was an eye opener, plus I went through the evacuation of West Glenwood in June.

I have been through fire and earthquakes in California, blizzards in Colorado and Wyoming, and tornadoes in Alabama, but never have I been so terrified as seeing that fire coming toward us. I live with my son, daughter-in-law, and 3 grandkids. We have a police scanner, so we were aware of what was going on a lot sooner than most. My son kept our neighbors notified of what was going on. We had time to pack, but we packed all the wrong things. We didn’t lose anything, thank God, and everyone at the evacuation center was great.

That book opened my eyes to a lot of things I hear on the scanner. Don’t fight the fire! Evacuate! Save lives! Do not endanger firefighter’s lives!

I would hope no one would ever want to save their houses and property at the expense of anyone’s life. It may break your heart to lose irreplaceable items, but better than a human life. I cry to think people die trying to save someone who is careless or who doesn’t think. A life is much more important than anything.

I have to say I am so impressed and touched by the Russells’ letter. Maybe things would have been different during the Storm King Fire if more people had been outspoken about the safety of the firefighters rather than their property and fought with all those people who were in charge. Saving property should be at the bottom of the list of priorities.

When my husband was a fireman and a policeman he would go into a burning building or face a man with a gun, and tell me that was his job. If that was your son, husband or father, would you like that explanation when you lose him? Would you want to live the constant fear that he won’t come home because of some fool who they have to take care of?

I’m hoping writing this will help me deal with the Storm King deaths, even though I wasn’t here then. Does it haunt you like it haunts me? It should!

Have you done everything you could do so it isn’t repeated? We had a really close call in June. Someone was looking out for us. But will it continue, it’s only July. We have a long, dry summer.

Please think! If you’re in an area of fire danger, plan ahead! We are packing things now. Have a plan for your pets! Have a plan for your important items; photos, papers, whatever.

Don’t make a fireman wait for you!

Judy Davidson

Glenwood Springs

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