Bear sightings in Glenwood Springs |

Bear sightings in Glenwood Springs

Neighbors share sightings on Nextdoor

A bear was sighted in the Glenwood Park neighborhood on Friday morning.
Holly Goscha

Glenwood Springs residents woke up to an unexpected furry guest Friday morning.

Megan Kappeli posted on Nextdoor Glenwood Springs that she and her husband were woken up at 5 a.m. to what they thought was a raccoon in their kitchen. Turns out, it was a large black bear.

“Initially my husband thought it was a raccoon so he walked downstairs yelling at it,” Kappeli told the Post Independent. “When he came around the corner he saw a black bear in the kitchen.”

Kappeli said the bear entered the Park East house by breaking open a window over the kitchen sink. The bear climbed out the same way after being scared off by her husband.

She said the Department of Wildlife met with the couple to evaluate the situation.

“For now the plan is to safely trap and relocate the bear,” she said.

A Glenwood Park neighbor might have an idea where said bear is.

Holly Goscha commented on Kappeli’s Nextdoor post a photo she took of a bear walking past her porch around 6 a.m.

She told the Post Independent her husband’s Jeep had paw prints on the back.

“Apparently he took a peek in there too!” she said.


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