Being an owner is much harder than it looks |

Being an owner is much harder than it looks

Bringing It Home
Joelle Milholm
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

There are so many times when I wish I were Dick and Charlie Monfort, or Pat Bowlen, or Francois Giguere, or Stan Kroenke.

To be in charge, to make the decisions, orchestrate trades and say no to contracts like the ones offered to Travis Henry or Kenyon Martin is every sports fan’s dream.

I like to say I would do all this stuff differently instead of having to sit back and watch the Broncos’ defense fall apart or the Nuggets play with a bunch of thugs who can’t move their feet on defense, let alone win a playoff game.

Instead, we sit back and curse the owners and their decisions and reminisce about better times.

Then fantasy sports came along, and it was the answer for fans wanting to call the shots.

You pick you players. You call the shots. You make the lineup.

That means no more suffering through trying to cheer for players you can’t stand or not being able to make a midseason trade or drop a player who isn’t living up to their expectations.

What could go wrong, right?

Well, for me and my two fantasy baseball teams this season everything has gone wrong.

From watching half of my players be put on the disabled list to others forgetting how to produce positive stats, my teams started falling in the standings.

Selecting a number of Rockies for my squad seemed like a mistake and, by the end of May, my teams were flat-out pitiful. Colorado was struggling to pitch and hit and play any sort of reputable baseball, and my two fantasy teams, like the Rockies, were in the cellar.

With how fast I was falling behind in points, it was clear that a late-season surge like the one the Rockies had last year wouldn’t be enough to rise out of the basement.

This month, things have gotten better. The Rockies have finally started to get hits with runners in scoring position, and Jeff Francis and Ubaldo Jimenez have a few starts that have lasted more than four innings.

With the Rockies beginning their ascent in the National League West, my fantasy teams have also started to climb.

Sure, I am still pretty far behind. I am even still in last in one league, but at least I am starting to have hope.

I have stuck with the Rockies, hoping if they can summon the late-season magic from last year to midseason this year. Then I’ll have enough time to catch up.

After all, this is my only chance to call the shots, I’ve got to make it count.

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