Beware the war on shortsighted greed |

Beware the war on shortsighted greed

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank the editor of the Post Independent for giving people like R.T. Moolick the opportunity to express their shockingly immature and absurd views. In the past Mr. Moolick has written that global warming doesn’t exist and has successfully represented the attitudes from the far right that not only alienate those in the middle and on the left, but also makes one wonder if the Republican Party really is the Grand Old Party of Greed. .

His assertion that Tom Daschle’s (and anyone’s) opposition to ANWR drilling amounts to “giving aid and comfort to the enemy” is the same moral simplification and coercion attempted by George Bush to link every item in his agenda to the war on terrorism. ANWR has nothing to do with the war, and the people have sent a resounding message to Bush, Murkowski, and the oil lobby that they are smart enough to realize this. Mr. Moolick is also quite naive and offensive if he thinks that all of us who were against it are “leftover hippies from the ’60s who have successfully avoided maturing.”

A war that is just as urgent as the war on terrorism is the war on shortsighted greed and stupidity that seeks immediate gratification and leaves no consideration for the legacy we leave future generations. A battle was recently lost in that war when politicians gave in to the auto lobby and failed to approve raising fuel efficiency standards, which would have given us immensely more oil independence than drilling in ANWR.

Be sure to save all your letters that the editor has been kind enough to publish, so that you can show them to your grandchildren. Then they will know who is responsible for the hellhole state of the world that they will be inheriting.


David E. Johnson


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