Bigger is not better |

Bigger is not better

Dear Editor,

Whether to allow a Harley Rally during the 4th of July celebration at Glenwood’s Community Center is the subject of contentious debate, as represented by letters to the editor.

Having read and reviewed each, I offer my own opinions for consideration. Several perked my responses, in order of its headline:

“What’s More Traffic Noise?”

A lot, to those living on or close to unusually noisy activities (i.e., Grand Avenue, Midland). Most of the regular noise is necessary for commuting to and from work, errands, shopping, etc. Why add more when we can avoid the extra nuisance for noise-sensitive townfolk! As to the established fireworks display, that’s meant to discourage home fireworks. We can easily maintain this beautiful tradition, as well as our annual Strawberry Days parade.

“Better Flight than Fight”

Why, oh why, should townfolks be advised to flee when they prefer to stay home over the 4th or can’t afford a vacation elsewhere? Far, far easier and more fair for the interested bikers and cyclists and supporters to “flee” to Aspen or beyond. After all, they are the ones who like ridin’ fast and far.

“Pour on the decibels”

Overbearing decibels not only annoy the sensitive or peace-loving but can affect hearing health. Kids overdo loudness and need not be encouraged to adapt to it. Again, more motor decibels are simply offending our sensibilities.

Yes, our valley is tourist-oriented, but there’s no lack of tourism in summertime with the Hot Springs Pool, majestic mountainsides, rafting and scenic sightseeing.

For instance, Strawberry Days has grown over time from being a neighborly, pleasant, easy-going event (ask longtime residents) to Glenwood being overrun with out-of-towners, taking the motel rooms, mobbing eating places, jamming traffic (good for merchants, I hear you) to the point that it’s prohibitive for family out-of-towners to even come here to share Father’s Day. What would serve better is to schedule “Days” on a different weekend than Dad’s Day. The hubbub even interferes with a BBQ in your own yard. Still, Strawberry Days is community-based and contributes to family values and gatherings.

It’s unlike the prospect of self-serving rallies to promote product advertising.

Why must American society ever increasingly rev-up everything, every public or family event to attract more persons far too dependent on so-called entertainment?

Take the big-top circus once appreciated for its animals and acts, nowadays invaded by the inclusion of super-speed cyclists in cages to show off (or annoy) by their senseless demonstration. But, of course, it’s okay because it gives them a “rush” – while encouraging our kids to consider copy-catting dangerous activities or stupid stunts. What an influence to incorporate! Where are our values?

“Pettiness perturbing”

Preserving to the extent of our ability to affect the quality of our relatively small town atmosphere (agreed on by citizens) is anything but petty! It’s quite an admiral attribute to maintain and aim for the best and bypass the rest. Freedom is an American goal. However, towns and persons still must decide how best to use that freedom for all involved . Aren’t our highest decisions meant to guard or attain superior qualities and values for Glenwood?

As to the inferred whoop and holler approach to Independence Day, patriotism can be manifested in calmer ways if one chooses. Since Sept. 11, some “good” effects are that more and more families are “cocooning” together by staying home more with parents and children, valuing their loving relationships, to pay the most attention to the monumentally important aspects of life itself and learning love, with a significant lessening of coveting “things.” Praise God for that. All the more, we Americans need to keep our places sane and safe for as long as humanly possible.

“800 Harleys, Try Thousands”

Thanks immensely for pointing out to readers that every rider world-wide is invited to Glenwood’s Rally! Also that, if allowed, it may start with 2,000 this year and likely grow yearly until it’s totally intolerable, in my opinion. Is this approval action by Council not opening the door to further “abuse” of the Community Center?

Please, please call a council member to demand re-considering the start-up of a slippery slope of self-serving advertising and commercial goals thinly veiled as a “celebration rally,” further lured by the “carrot” promise of helping the pool fund. Use your altruistic insight to see this innocent-seeming endeavor for what it truly is.

What was the Council thinking when it voted? Did they just see dollar signs? Or did they totally disregard or not perceive the escalating “sell-out” effect on the Community Center’s use?

The council does its level best to please locals and make pragmatic decisions, I know. It’s never easy and most of their choices seem level-headed and well thought out.

This may be an exception. This issue needs to be re-visited. Speaking for the all-too-silent majority of sound mind, and foreseeing increasing negative elements, we recommend rescinding the approval of such a rally and any other event not really supporting community values.

Are we willing to sell out to any commercial entity? Think again. There must be a better, more quality way for the higher good and goals of our small town community.

“Ashamed of City, proud of writer”

Right! Use of the Community Center clearly ought to be addressed. Call the council or City Hall, leave your message to request a review of this issue. The pertinent basic issue surely is, to excerpt from Ruth Lubchenco’s April 15 letter, “Whose Community Center is it anyway?”

Well, it belongs to those of us who pay taxes toward it. There are those among us who feel that motorized vehicles should be regarded as tools, not toys, that noise and bright lights are pollution, that the Community Center was built for artful expression, physical health, and gathering of citizens.

Please read Tamie Meck’s article on small towns in the April 16 Post Independent. We may not remain a “small town” in all aspects mentioned, yet we can indeed respect one another’s opinions, avoid personal attacks, while making feasible hometown choices to control and do our visionary best for our sacred section of America’s homeland!

S. Blair

Glenwood Springs

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