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‘Bison’ sculpture on Sixth Street constructed from recycled wooden pallets

The Bison on Sixth Street in Glenwood Springs has garnered quite a few looks and photos from residents and visitors alike
Matthew Bennett / Post Independent

Those who have utilized the Sixth Street roundabout recently probably noticed a new work of art.

Created by Krzysztof and Noemi Kosmowski, the lone bison was constructed from recycled wooden pallets and placed near the busy roundabout just north of the Interstate 70 interchange, according to a recent statement from the city of Glenwood Springs.

“The city of Glenwood Springs Arts and Culture Board wanted to activate the area of Sixth Street near the roundabout with a temporary art installation until the roundabout landscaping can be installed,” the statement read.

The bison appeared popular with many tourists and residents alike walking along Sixth Street Friday afternoon.

“A number of people have stopped to take photos with the bison,” Parks and Recreation Director Brian Smith said in the release. “Individuals are noticing and interacting with the space, which was our intent.”

According to the statement, the city plans to add two more bison to the wooden herd next week.


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