Bitten by the concert bug |

Bitten by the concert bug

Out There
Stina Sieg
Post Independent Staff
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

Right now, I’ve got a lonesome, twangy song from Dangermuffin stuck in my head. Tonight, I’ll be trying to decide whether to go listen to the Russian piano rocker Denis Mazhukov. Tomorrow, I’ll be swelling with excitement about seeing Bob Dylan.

This might sound strange, but I never thought I’d like live music so much.

I grew up listening to oldies and Whitney Houston with my parents. They both liked to sing, and my mom played piano and accordion, but that’s pretty much where my musical education ended. I wasn’t that kid watching the Grateful Dead from her father’s shoulders, let’s just say. Even in college, I wasn’t heading down to the local brew pub to listen to live tunes. There were sporadic, great concert moments ” like when I saw Morrissey rip off his shirt to reveal his chubby belly, or when I had a chat with my favorite depressed rockers, The New Year. Still, seeing bands perform was not a priority of mine. I didn’t crave it.

Then I moved here.

Somewhere between contra dancing (thanks, Last Minute String Band), trips to Steve’s Guitars and the Summer of Jazz, something shifted in me. The part of me that was afraid to dance, who would hardly ever shell out money to see a band, went away. I don’t know what changed, but in the last few months, I’ve felt real joy being in huge, sweaty crowds, moving to music. Being part of smaller, intimate musical settings has been lovely, as well. I like rocking out with a collection of people doing the same. I like falling in love with a band’s lead singer ” even if we never meet. I’m not a big group person, but that’s all fun for me now. It feels right.

As we get dangerously close to the end of summer, I realize that a lot of this is going to go away. Free music won’t be so abundant in those chilly months. The select few who do make it to our neck of the woods will have to be a dedicated, hearty bunch. This is sad, I know, but I also feel pleased that I care so much. Liking live performances is by no means an original notion ” but it feels completely fresh to me. It’s only too bad that as soon as I’ve uncovered this desire in myself, I have to put it away just as quickly. Like it or not, a touch of musical hibernation is coming soon enough.

What a nice excuse to dance like there’s no tomorrow.

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