BOCC recognized as leaders inseveral areas |

BOCC recognized as leaders inseveral areas

Editor’s note: The Post Independent is running this “My Side” by John Martin again because of an unfortunate typographical error. The original column, which appeared last Thursday, used the word “insincere” instead of “sincere” in bullet point 3. We regret the error.Hopefully, everyone has seen or heard the forums that have become so important in providing opportunity to compare candidates and issues, and allow us to discover how much of the information we receive is filtered to influence our thoughts.By now, every citizen of Garfield County must surely be aware that claims that the commissioners have taken a hands-off position on gas drilling are false, and that no one at the county level has the power to stop development of that resource. Remember, the ones reaping the largest benefits are the state school systems, and upper-level governing agencies, and that this has been the case since the time of the Louisiana Purchase. Anyone who promises that they can change this reality immediately is badly misinformed and naive. What purpose has been served by the dissemination of misinformation? I leave that to you to decide. Remember, we are the first to hire a full-time Local Government Designee and we created a thoughtful, comprehensive Energy Advisory Board. We are recognized as leaders in the state in this, as well as other areas:1. Coal Seam Fire response, recognition by BLM and FEMA, held up as an example. La Plata County suffered, and Garco helped out.2. Toll-free calling in Garco, working with PUC, Qwest, and a dedicated citizen to enable long-distance calling without loss of existing toll-free privileges. Thanks, Margaret.3. Successfully negotiated jail and human services buildings by creatively rethinking land uses, and no, this was not the Rifle mayor’s doing, and obviously, I was sincere.4. Retooled land use policies, created cluster housing for more open space; encourage affordable and green housing by giving incentives.5. Conservation easements … more in existence than any surrounding county. Contributed to Bair Ranch.6. Focus groups to find out what matters to the people who pay the bills.7. Encourage the municipalities in their own identities, assisting them with support as a governing body as well as matching grants when funds allow. (Trails and historic preservation, etc.)8. Health benefits and programs such as Healthy Beginnings, immunizations, etc.9. Brought back the fairgrounds from near death to a viable asset for the entire county.10. Re-established the Weed Board and upgraded the Extension Service.11. Maintain healthy fund balances in case of economic downturns.12. Fire districts now protect most residents of unincorporated Garco.13. Upgrades of equipment and shops for all areas.14. Upgrades of equipment for accounting and links with all sections of the county.15. Created such new boards as the access revue board.16. Increased training for employees for better service.17. Assisted Valley View Hospital in its expansion.18. Met with all entities to establish priorities for all highways, roads, etc. in Garco.19. Upgraded the airport and have an award-winning landfill.20. I worked as team leader on the Sonora Institute regional forum, a cooperative team of local planners, government representatives and federal partners, on regional issues.As you may have heard, I like my job, and I’d like to keep doing it.John Martin is incumbent District 2 Garfield County Commissioner.

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