Boettcher may be a closet conservative |

Boettcher may be a closet conservative

Dear Editor,

Occasionally, I read FUDD. Sometimes, I respond. Usually, I disagree, but his June 19 column really “touched my heart” – especially, since I got an “honorable mention.”

Yes, just because we don’t agree doesn’t mean we dislike each other. I read this column twice to find an area of disagreement, but to no avail. Therefore, I’ve come to the conclusion that Bernie might be disclosing a radical change in his philosophical and political beliefs.

As proof, I reference some of his comments: “No one can be expected to be liked by everyone.” For sure!

“Even my closest allies disagree with me from time to time.” That figures!

“I like Lynn because she believes in God.” Me too!

“I dislike Bill because he lied.” I concur! Assuming that he refers to Slick Willy.

“I like Richard, because he stands up for freedom.” That not only made me feel important, but absolutely convinced me that Bernie is not a loony liberal.

Not only does he exhibit empathy and respect for the opinions of others, but he also makes positive reference to “God” and “freedom,” neither of which are included in the left-wing vocabulary.

Therefore, I can come to only one conclusion. Down deep, Fudd must really be a “compassionate conservative” – a sheep in wolf’s clothing! If so, welcome to the cause, Bernie. Although we have disagreed in the past, I have still liked you, and now I know why!

God bless America and let freedom ring!

Richard D. Doran


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