Boycott Mexico as well as France |

Boycott Mexico as well as France

Marty Lich

Dear Editor,

The French aren’t the only ones we should boycott.

Mexico’s President Fox has been opposed our war in Iraq and has repeatedly announced he was not supporting the United States.

President Fox also stated last week that he hopes the Iraq war ends soon, so he can “resume my daily phone calls with my friend President Bush” regarding opening the U.S.-Mexico border completely, and getting the Matricula Consular ID card under way in the United States.

The Mexican ID card has been put on hold due to the war and threat of terrorism.

The United States has 800,000 illegals crossing the border from Mexico per year. And President Fox has enough nerve to say they feel that since we didn’t get the backing of the United Nations, it is now considered, and I quote, “an illegal invasion of a country.” Isn’t that what Mexico is doing in spades to us?

No, Mexico is not a friendly ally to the United States. We are a monetary resource only.


Marty Lich


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