Break in the case: Carbondale solar panels found in truck |

Break in the case: Carbondale solar panels found in truck

CARBONDALE ” A call from a resident who saw a vehicle parked outside the Carbondale Recreation Center in the late night and earlier morning hours of Memorial Day created a break in the solar panel theft case.

Police checked the license number of the vehicle and learned that the owner has been seen recently in Aspen. At 2 a.m. today, the Aspen Police Department confirmed the location of the vehicle, plus what appeared to be 30 solar panels stored in it. The Carbondale Police issued a search warrant early this morning, checked the serial numbers of the panels and took possession when it was confirmed that they are the town’s panels.

Carbondale Police are currently in the process of obtaining an arrest warrant for the owner of the truck where the stolen solar panels were discovered. Chief Gene Schilling said the people who assisted in finding the solar panels have refused any reward money at this time.

Recreation Center personnel checked the solar monitoring system and confirmed that the 30 solar panels went missing late Sunday night or early Monday morning on Memorial weekend. The 30 stolen panels are valued at $30,000.

The solar panels can be reinstalled immediately if the District Attorney allows photo documentation of the evidence. Schilling said they may need to hold out one panel until the case is closed. Reinstallation cost is estimated to be $10,000.

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