Breckenridge task force will find new home for troll |

Breckenridge task force will find new home for troll

BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. (AP) — The town of Breckenridge has set up a task force to find a new home for a huge wooden troll sculpture.

The 15-foot work known as Isak Heartstone was dismantled last week after it attracted crowds of people to a hiking trail in a residential area in Breckenridge.

The town said Tuesday that the task force will work hard to find the best place to put the work in collaboration with its creator, Danish artist Thomas Dambo. It promised to keep the community updated on the process.

The troll was installed as part of a summer arts festival and was intended to remain as long it could withstand the elements and wasn’t vandalized.

However, throngs of troll-seekers were blamed for causing problems including illegal parking and littering.

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