Broncos hitting their stride at the right time |

Broncos hitting their stride at the right time

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Jeff Sauer
Glenwood Springs, Colorado CO
Jeff Sauer

Always save the best for last.

That’s what master archers used to tell their students before they methodically flung arrows at the opposing army.

The Denver Broncos always seem to save their best for last too, shooting straight arrows into the hearts of their opponents during the second half of games this year and unexpectedly thrusting their name into the AFC favorites conversation in the process.

On Sunday, they continued their usual ways, racking up another 21 points to go along with the 145 points they had previously tallied in the third and fourth quarters this season.

It’s safe to say they’re making some good halftime adjustments. That, and the fact that Peyton Manning is figuring out opposing defenses with relative ease as each game progresses.

With the offense clicking and the defense starting to jell, the Broncos are in a prime position to not only win the AFC West, but possibly win one of the top seeds in the conference, although those losses to New England and Houston may come back to haunt them eventually.

How’s that fantasy football thing working out for ya?

Take a bow if you took a flier on Adrian Peterson and the uncertainty surrounding his surgically repaired knee going into your draft.

Head to the back of the class and put on the dunce cap if you fell for all of the pre-draft hype on Ryan Mathews.

There’s a fine line between genius and insanity.

If you’re still treading water with five weeks to go before the playoffs start in most leagues, you might need to consider drastic measures based upon your position in the standings and strength of schedule going forward. It is, after all, do-or-die time if you want a shot at that elusive trophy your friends have been parading around for years.

Here are some quick tips if your team is on the outside looking in:

1. Make the quarterback switch

If you’re still hanging on to Philip Rivers, Cam Newton or Joe Flacco as your starting quarterback, look for teams in your league that have two top-notch quarterbacks and initiate a trade immediately.

You’d be surprised how many teams overdrafted at the QB position on draft day, thinking it would be wise to carry both Tom Brady and Peyton Manning as a backup. Now that the byes are essentially over, they’ll be interested in dropping some perceived dead weight, while adding a player they’re sorely lacking, maybe one of the marquee tight ends on your roster that you can still win without.

Remember: Anything to get in the playoffs at this point.

2. The backup (running back) plan

Speaking of dead weight, the extra wide receiver averaging 50 yards per game is useless sitting on your bench at this point. Why not grab a Ben Tate, Jacquizz Rodgers or Ronnie Hillman type backup running back just in case the injury bug bites the starting backfields in Houston, Atlanta or Denver? Tate has proven he can shoulder the load (although banged up at the moment), and I suspect the other two I’ve mentioned would thrive if they were inserted into the starting role. It’s worth the gamble at this point.

3. Befriend the league chump

What do you have to lose? With the trade deadline looming (Friday in most leagues) you can buddy up to the poor sap in last place and swing a deal, assuming he/she has something to offer. Offer a future draft pick if you’re in a keeper league, along with one of your lesser players for whatever value is left of their mess.

Disclaimer: Some leagues make the last-place team buy the beverages for the following year’s draft, so you might have to pony up and offer to pay part of the beer tab. It might seem tacky, but I’ve seen far worse.

If you’re on the other end of the spectrum, feeling flat-out smug because you’re already sitting at the top of your league standings, enjoy the view while you can because the fantasy Gods will surely see to it that you bust in the first round of the playoffs.

Happens every time.

Jeff Sauer is a longtime western Colorado resident and former Roaring Fork Valley resident. He can be reached at

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