Build now, ask forgiveness later |

Build now, ask forgiveness later

Dear Editor,

I would like to begin this letter by thanking Heather McGregor for her Sunday editorial supporting the idea that our County Commissioners should not approve the Westbank settlement with Prehm Ranch. I attended the county meeting on Monday, and much to our dismay, the county did approve this unfair settlement.

I would like to briefly comment to each of our commissioners. First, to Mr. Stowe, who literally could not keep his eyes open during public comments, we have never asked you to directly address our neighborhood covenants. We have only asked that you address your responsibility to uphold what is legally right. Mr. Stowe commented that the county has filed a lawsuit against the developer who illegally constructed this road into our neighborhood. I would like to again ask Mr. Stowe why this road is currently being used if it’s illegal? Should it not be shut down? You claimed that you had no intention of coming in and tearing it up. Wouldn’t a simple barricade be sufficient?

Next, I would like to address a comment made by Mr. McCown. He stated that people three towns over probably don’t even care where Westbank is and wouldn’t want to financially fight our battle. I found this idea offensive. I am thinking that people three towns over should care! They should get involved because this is not just a Westbank issue anymore. I guarantee that if this was happening in one of their neighborhoods they would care.

To Mr. John Martin, the one county commissioner who voiced that the law should be respected and upheld, I thank you. You seem to be the only elected official who has the people’s and the county’s best interest at heart. You will continue to receive my support.

Why did my husband and I recently have to obtain a permit to add seven feet to our existing deck when a builder doesn’t even need a permit to create a two-mile-long road? Isn’t this a double standard? I would like to let all developers know that Garfield County may be the place for you! They will let you build, build, build and then you can ask for their forgiveness later.

Simone Hiller


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