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Burning Mountain royalty deserve photo

Dear Editor,

I have been very disappointed with the Post Independent since its takeover. The terrrible speling, the loss of the Saturday edition, the defection of excellent writers, etc. …

But this morning you topped yourself. WHERE were the photos of the Burning Mountain royalty?? It has long been tradition to print them over the weekend. I have two girls who were in the pageant and could hardly wait to see their pictures in the newspaper this morning. And did they find any? Of course not.

The crowning took place Friday night. If we had a Saturday edition, which was taken away “to make a better paper,” it would have been more than enough time to print them. So surely we imagined the pictures would be in Sunday’s edition. Nope. You had a bed race photo – why not the pageant winners? There was a “Road Trip” photo essay of travels far away – I guess that was more important than a dumpy little local event.

Oh sure, they may make it to Monday’s edition – but WHY the long wait? I subscribe to both the Sentinel and the Denver Post – how come these two papers can print news that occurs HERE in the area on one day and have it delivered from so far away in both directions – the very next morning? And the PI waits two or three days to report it, long after it’s been reported in other papers?

I’ve been taking the Post for many years – since the ’70s. I’ve always been satisfied with it until the past year or so. Now it’s shrunk to nothing. I have to get Glenwood News from the Sentinel, 100 miles away. Does this make sense? Isn’t Glenwood and the surrounding area large enough for a decent-sized newspaper?


Liz Cole

(No address given)

P.S. Well, it’s Monday. Still no pictures or results. Thanks guys. Great Coverage.

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