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Buses maul mall lot

Lynn BurtonPost Independent Staff

The Roaring Fork Transit Agency must stop using its Glenwood Spring Mall bus stop on June 8, but long-range planner Mike Davis isn’t surprised his buses are getting the boot.”I am surprised it happened this early on, but there are often problems when private property is used for buses,” Davis said.Mall manager Michelle Misurelli said the buses are damaging the mall parking lot, especially at the lot’s main entrance, and alternate routes in and out of the lot are not an option.”I’m from the city, so I know how important buses are,” Misurelli said. “But we spent $200,000 resurfacing the parking lot, and now it has potholes again.”Davis said RFTA signed a five-year contract with the mall owner a year ago for a bus stop between the mall’s main entrance and JC Penney.Misurelli said the buses, including the extra-long articulated buses, also use the parking lot to turn around.”Fifty buses use it on a daily basis,” Misurelli said.The biggest pothole at the main parking lot entrance is 14 feet long and nine inches deep, Misurelli said.”It’s so big you could lose a small car in it. It’s quite large, and you can’t see it at night,” Misurelli said. “And we can’t patch it until it warms up in May.”The other mall parking lot entrance is about 100 yards to the west, but articulated buses can’t make the turn into that entrance unless the mall removes 30 parking places. Misurelli said that’s not an option, because some stores have contracts requiring the mall to provide 5.5 parking places per square foot of store floor space. Removing 30 spaces would drop the parking space to a square footage ratio below that level.Davis said RFTA paid $8,000 for concrete reinforcement at the actual bus stop in front of the mall, and the mall will reimburse those costs.RFTA drops off about 200 passengers per day at the mall, Davis said. The old mall bus stop was on Highway 6 & 24, immediately north of the mall’s parking lot, about 300 yards from the mall entrance.Davis said he doesn’t know where the new mall bus stop will be located. “We’re still thinking of different options,” he said.Contact Lynn Burton: 945-8515, ext. 534lburton@postindependent.com

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