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Bush administration cronies are true eco-terrorists

Duke Cox

Dear Editor,

This is a response to a letter from R.T. Moolick regarding Hal Sundin’s recent commentary on the proposed drilling plan for the Roan Plateau.

If you would take the time to get educated about the subject, you would know that the real terrorists here are the Bush administrations’ oil and gas buddies who have no consideration for the lives and well being of those of us who live here.

This is about unbridled profit, Mr. Moolick, nothing more. The fact is that 94 percent of the estimated 100 trillion cubic feet of gas in the Piceance basin is already open to drilling. That is not enough to satisfy the money hungry billionaires at the top of the oil and gas industry. They want it all.

Your assertion that we will find ourselves importing natural gas if we don’t drill on the Roan is as absurd as the Bush administrations’ attempt to use a phony electric shortage in California (created by his cohorts at Enron, by the way) to justify drilling in the ANWR. The so called “streamlining” process employed by Bush’s appointees to remove overwhelming public opinion from the process is designed to get permits issued at any density. Once issued, the density of a permit can be increased simply by written approval of the COGCC. No further permitting necessary.

I believe that you owe Mr. Sundin an apology for calling him an eco-terrorist.

Duke Cox


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