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Bush administration unfairly bad-mouthed

Dear Editor,

For once, can it be about facts and not half-truths, innuendoes and lies?

The letter written by Mr. Lees (Aug. 12 edition of the GSPI) was nothing more than a lame attempt to bad-mouth the Bush administration.

He attempts to paint the picture that the Bush administration is wantonly killing innocent people in other countries in our fight against terror. Does he believe that the readers of the Post Independent are that ignorant? Does he think the service men and women fighting for his freedoms are trying to kill innocent people?

He attempts to place blame on the administration for the deaths of the firefighters killed in air tanker accidents this year. Are we to assume these people were forced to fly planes that the administration knew were unsafe? Did these planes become hazards when Bush took office? The readers of the GSPI are not that stupid, Mr. Lees. I would assume you have insulted more than one of them by thinking as much.

The innuendo that the Bush administration is the only administration that has ever spent more on the military than on education was ludicrous at best. Mr. Lees, name one administration that has spent more actual dollars on education than on the military. For that matter, name one that has spent more on education than the current administration. Let’s stick to the facts this time.

Finally, your out-and-out blame for 9/11 on America’s past and present policies is nothing more than terrifying! Sir, this country is the greatest country in the world. No other country even comes close to allowing people the freedoms we have here. You may not like it, but that is a fact.

The countries we are fighting will kill a female child for trying to attend school, they will execute fellow citizens for speaking out against the government. Is that right? Should we let this occur?

How dare you try to paint us the bad guys. How dare you try and pass off these out-and-out lies as fact. You should count your blessings. You would have been executed in some countries for your letter.

Doug Meyers

Glenwood Springs

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