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Bush is looting America at taxpayers’ expense

Robert W. Boyle

Dear Editor,

Golly, gee, Mr. Bob Anderson, what good advice. Don’t hate George Bush. How novel!

Maybe you Clinton-haters could remember not to hate poor ‘ole Bill for leaving George the first $5 billion that he squandered. You list 43’s meager claim to the “improving” economy. Let’s look beyond to some other things he’s done.

He’s reformed from his days of heavy alcohol abuse and snorting coke. With daddy’s help, he avoided risking himself in a war and lived to steal an election to become the born-again leader of a group of chicken-hawk warmongers and kleptocrats.

They have made America a pariah in three-fourths of the world by setting the precedent for pre-emptive war, holding war prisoners incognito and breaking hard won international treaties on law and the environment.

He is presiding over the greatest looting of America that’s ever happened, making his sycophants wealthy on the back of America’s taxpayers. He is leading the corporate takeover of our country’s communications, legal system, politics and economy.

All this, while he guts environmental protections and the Bill of Rights.

What a man! He’s even provided a way to keep tally of his lies, at least one for each dead American hero in a body bag. There will be more lies and more bodies, and our grandchildren will still be paying for it.

Using a quote from John Kennedy to excuse the excesses and crimes of George Bush is truly a travesty. Bush isn’t worthy of mention in the same newspaper as Kennedy.

Mr. Anderson, I don’t hate George Bush. I just want him impeached for the liar, fraud and war criminal that he is.

Robert W. Boyle

Glenwood Springs

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