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Bush is the worst president

Mildred Baumli

Dear Editor,

Just read the letter by Jane Henzel Till of Carbondale. Bush is doing a phenomenal job against terrorists, you say. To me he is the worst president. He has put us in debt so far that the next president will have a phenomenal job of trying to keep the people’s head above water.

These tax breaks that this president has given some people ” $300 given to the low-income people ” that does not pay the rent, maybe it covers utilities or some groceries. Meanwhile, it makes the trillions of dollars in debt that much more.

So far as I can see, this president, strutting around like a bantam rooster with photo ops on a ship, is lying again.

He got us in a war for political reasons. The wonderful servicemen and women over in Iraq are dying one or more every day. Bush declared the war over, but it is worse now, because they do not know where the next bullet is coming from. So I can’t see where he is doing a great job against terrorists.

It is funny so many have a “Clinton fix,” blaming him for so much that couldn’t be proved, spending millions to try and prove something. Clinton’s personal affairs are not great, but you know what, if he could run for president again he would be elected p.d.q.

Now don’t that frost your buttons?

Mildred Baumli


P.S.: I hope this letter is relevant. I would hate to have someone disagree with me about a rooster.

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