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Bush isn’t perfect, but he beats Clinton

Danielle Campbell-Monger

Dear Editor,

In response to Mildred Baumli’s letter to the editor of Nov. 20, it seems that Ms. Baumli has a problem identifying and separating our current president from his father and president of quite a few terms back. Ms. Baumli repeatedly brings up situations and quotes that occurred when George Bush Sr. was in office.

Also, it is common knowledge that the president is often required or pressured to support fellow politicians that belong to their party, regardless of relation. The president is also required to use highly protected means of transportation to travel and if that is the case, then by all means … let him use Air Force One. Should our president sacrifice his personal obligation and support of his family for people like Ms. Baumli?

I feel much more comfortable with a “blundering and down-home, true-to-life American” as our president than the salesman-like indifference of Bill Clinton. Sincere speaking mistakes are preferred to perfected lies any day. If adultery and lies are a president’s creed, then I guess I am in the wrong country. Bush has his faults and we all know that he is not perfect by any means, so until the perfect person is found, I’ll accept him as my president.

Ms. Baumli, you are sorely disillusioned if you think that your precious Social Security and surplus weren’t depleted years ago (before G.W.). Up until recently, the Democrats have controlled Washington for the past 30-plus years. Why then are all the governmental faults those of the Republican Party? Why not accept a little blame? Oops, I forgot a new American trend – it’s not my fault.

I would also like to mention this country was founded on the basis of freedom and in order to achieve that freedom, war transpired. Why then, when our freedom and strength are tested as a country, are we not expected to retaliate or defend ourselves? If we were able to sit still and leave other countries and groups to terrorize, our country would fall to shambles and we would eventually be forced to kiss the boots of your beloved Middle East terrorist leader. As barbaric and horrific as war may seem, it may be our only option in keeping the whiny, weak people safe.

I’m not exactly in favor of war, but I am intelligent enough to admit that war is required to keep us safe and strong. And if people want to keep crying about sending our young to war, ask those very youth why they enlisted. I hope it wasn’t only for the free meals and education. As a young American I would be more honored to tell my daughter that her father died defending our nation’s freedom rather than dying by the hands of an insane terrorist that the citizens of the United States so graciously allowed into our country with open arms.

The Post Independent seems to follow a double standard. Most readers realize that this paper supports the liberal Democratic specter, and whenever one of us uneducated Republican rednecks has the nerve to insult or disagree with you and your somewhat nonsensical point of view, we are slandered and abused. I see more and more letters insulting our president and our rights. Why is this allowed? Shouldn’t this be considered a treasonous act? It’s very easy to condemn the job our president is doing when you’re not doing the job yourselves.

Danielle Campbell-Monger


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