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Bush legacy undermines many programs

Sue Gray

Dear Editor,

Here is a small sampling of what George W. Bush accomplished in his first six months as president:

Cut 50 percent of the funding for research into renewable energy sources. Cut funding by 28 percent for research into cleaner, more efficient cars and trucks. Canceled 2004 deadline for automakers to develop prototype high-mileage cars.

Pulled out of the 1997 Kyoto Treaty global warming agreement. Abandoned campaign pledge to regulate CO2 emissions, which contribute to global warming.

Reduced by 40 percent low-income housing assistance. Cut federal spending on libraries by $39 million.

Pushed for development of bunker-busting nuclear weapons, which violates the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.

Since then, of course, it has gotten much worse; Bush reversed regulations protecting 60 million acres of national forest from mining and logging and passed a $2 trillion tax cut, of which 43 percent will go to the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans.

And let’s not forget that he has yet to prove his case for going to war in Iraq, where Americans and Iraqis are losing life and limb on a daily basis at taxpayers expense.

This president has done more to undermine social, environmental and safety programs for the average American in order to increase the profits and decrease the accountability of the moneyed class, than any other president in memory.

To categorize those who are dismayed and outraged at this administration’s misuse of the presidential office as “anti-Bush” is a bit simplistic, isn’t it?

Sue Gray


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