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Bush: Stay the course and world will follow

Larry Beckwith

Dear Editor,It’s been interesting reading the many comments about the United States’ role in world affairs and the impending attack on Iraq. The U.S. is criticized:-for not doing enough (being selfish, by rejecting previous Global agreements)-for taking from the improvised (through Globalization, with world trade or aid with demands)-for starting a war for oil or business (remember the Gulf war was about oil, Saddam Hussein had captured Kuwait’s oil and Saudi Arabia wanted help from us for fear their oil was next)-for being too generous (foreign aid)-for being too lenient (illegal immigration not stopped due to political correctness and multiculturalism) Other current viewpoints include:-President Bush is a bully (out to avenge his father).-Iraq has weapons of mass destruction (as does half the world).-Saddam Hussein is violating a U.N. resolution (which the world has tolerated for all these years).-We can’t afford war with Iraq (no one can afford war).-We are not the Global Police (with power comes responsibility). -Saddam is evil to his people and they need to be set free.-War never proves anything (except who loses). -The patriots (my country right or wrong or we’ll bomb them to peace)All positions might have some truth at their beginnings, but appear radical at their extremes and, therefore symptoms and/or results of the inevitable conflict. Hopefully the Bush Administration has not locked themselves into one or more of the above reasons, which will leave the United States not only vulnerable and alone, but puts the rest of the world at risk as well.We know from the past that Saddam Hussein will fire rockets at Israel to gain support from other Arab countries (who don’t care much about the Palestinian issue, but want to eliminate Jews). We also have to realize that Israel’s present leader, Ariel Sharon, will not take the strikes as Israel has in the past and will strike back, creating a Middle East war that the world is pulled into.So what is the right thing to do? Although the United States could correct many of its positions in relation to the rest of the world like:-halting deals (aid) for favors-giving 10 percent of the federal budget to needy people of the world (not governments)-adding a 50-cents-per-gallon fuel tax (1/2 for federal deficit and some for developing alternative fuels, etc.) However it hardly seems fair to blame the United States for attacks on us by a destructive aggressor. If President Bush gets back to and stays on his original message (which is right, moral and honorable) of “We are at war on terrorism” and “If you are not with us, you are against us,” then the rest of the world will follow our lead or at least will stay out of the conflict with Iraq (because no country wants to appear to support terrorism). But President Bush must make the connection of terrorist activity to Iraq.Larry BeckwithGlenwood Springs

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