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Bush trying to buy his next four years

Mildred Baumli

Dear Editor,

Kent Wright of Rifle thinks I do not know Bush lied when he said the men on the ship put up a banner that said “Mission Accomplished,” but later had to say some of his people had the sign made and had it hung on the ship.

If that’s not a lie, I don’t know what you would call it. I suppose you think it’s a white lie and doesn’t count.

Bush was not elected, he was handed the presidency. Of course if you are a “die hard” Republican, you will believe anything he says.

Bush squandered the surplus that was from the Clinton years, plus billions on top of that. I think there are enough people that are fed up with Bush, Cheney and Rummy that Nov. 4, 2004, he will be a one-time president, following in his father’s footsteps.

Bush should have won the first war (I don’t think he could) before he jumped into another war. Saddam is still alive, not disposed of.

We have wonderful servicemen and women killed one a day or more. What a shame. If the economy is coming back, better let the millions of unemployed people know, so they can find jobs.

Bush is great at saying “keep more of your hard-earned money.” I am sure people would if they had any. The war is political, whether you think so or not. Bush is getting donations, $200 million, guess he thinks he can buy his way into another four years. I hope not.

Mildred Baumli


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