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Bush’s Social Security agenda is baloney

Dear Editor,Bush is going to 60 towns in 60 days peddling his Social Security agenda. I heard again that the audience would be handpicked, all Republicans. They would not take a chance on someone asking a question he can’t answer or would disagree with his policy.If you are so religious, then live it, don’t tell lies.With the price of gas, of course he doesn’t pay for it, he can travel all over the country, while the taxpayers foot the bill. What is he doing with all the millions of dollars he has left over from his campaign? Let him pay for the gas. Oh no, that’s not good. Bob Novack will not go to jail for revealing the name of the CIA agent because he got the information from the White House or the CIA (I heard it was Cheney who told him.)Two other journalists will go to jail for not revealing their sources. Justice!DeLay got away with his illegal redrawing county boundaries in Texas so he could get seven more Republicans. He smirked on television because Congress would not remove him. Anyone else would get the ax. They were supposed to censure him three times. I heard on television on March 8 that Fox, from old Mexico, demands that the United States not abuse illegal aliens. What is Bush thinking of? Do something about “broken borders.” He better forget Social Security and concentrate on home security, if he can.Mildred BaumliCarbondaleLook at real motives for having childrenDear Editor,John Herbst, I enjoyed your effort to voice opinions on your heart. However, I’d like to correct you in realizing it wasn’t our founding documents that contains the quote about “inalienable rights” you use, it is from the Articles of Sedition. The rights claimed are from documents written to legitimize the standing necessary to abort a sovereign oppressive to our merchant class’s pleasures. These were enlightenment ideals sampled (like rappers do) to sever ties that bound us to the mother country’s umbilical cord. Only after this were we afforded the necessity to unite our already hopelessly secular colonies.Also it is the modifier used – “pursuit,” in regards to the American form of happiness – that reveals the essence of the problem etched upon your need to legislate for the flesh and not the breath of life. Pursuing something assumes it isn’t present. So consequently people have children to become “happy” as well as abortions to not stifle a career and/or other pleasures. All are hedonist activities, but we seldom look at our real motives for having children. For it is easier to pursue blaming society rather than be responsible in our own person. It is easier to pursue happiness than face it within you. Had not procreation been made a pleasure we’d have died out long before anybody thought up ideals to tear this tissue of country asunder to conceive it.So if we value another’s life we must take responsibility to ascertain the reasons behind things taken for granted.Eric OlanderNew Castle

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