Alpine Bank giving through debit cards nearly $1M in 2016 |

Alpine Bank giving through debit cards nearly $1M in 2016

In 2016, Alpine Bank donated $989,719.76 to local nonprofit groups and projects with money generated from the Loyalty Debit Card program.

Alpine launched the Loyalty Debit Card program in 1997, and it has become a unique and easy way for customers to give to their communities.

When an Alpine Bank customer uses a Loyalty Debit Card, Alpine donates 10 cents to benefit local nonprofit organizations and community projects within each card’s respective focus and customer’s geographical location. The six areas supported by the program are:

• Arts – Helps fund arts and culture in the community.

• Community – benefits organizations that meet, support and strengthen human needs.

• Education – offers support to local, school-related programs.

• Environment – helps local groups restore, preserve and protect the ecosystems that are important to our daily lives.

• Colorado Mountain College – benefits the CMC Foundation’s general scholarships fund for nontraditional students.

• Americas – partners with Latin American community projects to support, integrate and celebrate their heritage.

“We’re excited that, thanks to customer support of our Loyalty Debit Card program, Alpine Bank was able to donate nearly a million dollars back to our communities in 2016,” said bank President Glen Jammaron. “I know that by continuing to work together, we’ll be able to top this significant milestone next year.”

The 2016 donation summaries for each category are as follows: $75,495.05 for arts, $347,699.57 for community, $298,149.46 for education, $171,600.48 for environment, $40,000 for Colorado Mountain College and $56,775.20 for Americas.

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