Business Briefs February 22, 2016 |

Business Briefs February 22, 2016

Economic analysis of Mountain Family Health Centers shows $15.7 million impact

In 2014, Mountain Family Health Centers generated $15.7 million of positive economic impacts, including jobs, tax revenues, and savings to the health care system, according to an economic analysis prepared by Capital Link.

“In the highest priced health insurance region in the nation, there’s an affordable option in Mountain Family Health Centers. We’re pleased to provide affordable, comprehensive medical, dental and behavioral health care services to all, regardless of the patient’s ability to pay. Our integrated model of care delivery generates positive economic returns for the local community while saving taxpayers money,” said Ross Brooks, CEO of Mountain Family Health Centers.

Community health centers (CHCs) provide high quality, cost-effective, patient-centered care to working families in communities that would otherwise not have adequate access to health care services. In 2014, Colorado CHCs provided a health care home for more than one in eight people in the state. Two-thirds of Colorado CHC patients are members of racial or ethnic minorities, which places CHCs at the center of the effort to reduce racial disparities in health care. Recent studies show that, on average, each patient receiving care at a health center saved the health care system 24 percent, annually. With 14,295 patients served by Mountain Family Health Centers in 2014, the estimated annual savings is $18.1 million at $1,263 saved per patient.

The entire report is available for review on Mountain Family Health Centers’ website at

Capital Link is a nonprofit organization that has worked with hundreds of health centers and primary care associations for over 15 years to plan capital projects, finance growth and identify ways to improve performance.

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