Business Briefs October 26, 2015 |

Business Briefs October 26, 2015

Robert Howe
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Chevron supports early literacy development in Western Colorado through Raising A Reader

Chevron has awarded Raising A Reader Aspen to Parachute a grant in the amount of $6,000 to help young children with early reading success and school readiness.

Raising A Reader builds early literacy success by providing a weekly book bag — and four books each week — to the families of 2,300 children from Aspen to Parachute. But its work goes far beyond just books. Parents are encouraged to attend workshops where they learn about early brain development and discuss the critical importance of dialogic reading — engaging the child in books by encouraging lots of talk, questions, comments and discussion.

The grant from Chevron will help with expansion of Raising A Reader’s outreach to low-income families whose children do not attend preschool, and where parents may not fully understand their capacity to prepare children for success in school. “Chevron has been a major partner for several years,” declared Raising A Reader Executive Director Rick Blauvelt. “We did not expect an increase over last year’s grant, but that is exactly what happened. We are deeply honored.”

Action Collision Specialists earns certification and top automaker recognition

Action Collision Specialists has been certified by Assured Performance, a nonprofit consumer advocacy organization, for maintaining the right tools, equipment, training, and facility necessary to repair the participating automaker brand vehicles according to the manufacturer’s specifications. In achieving its certification, Action Collision Specialists is now an integral part of the most advanced repair-capable and efficient auto body repair network in the world. Adding to its credentials, Action Collision Specialists is officially recognized by Assured Performance, GM, FCA and Nissan and Infiniti.

To become certified and officially recognized by the various automakers, Action Collision Specialists passed the rigorous certification process essential to help ensure a proper and safe repair of the new generation of advanced vehicles. Less than 5 percent of body shops across the nation are able to meet the stringent requirements to become officially certified and recognized.

The certification criteria is based upon auto manufacturer requirements. These are critical to ensure the vehicle fit, finish, durability, value and safety following an accident. As new model vehicles are being introduced that use lightweight, high-strength materials and advanced technology, a proper repair according to manufacturer specification is important to ensure the passenger safety and proper performance of the vehicle. Auto manufacturers want to ensure that consumers have the option of certified collision repair wherever they live, work or travel.

Garfield & Hecht attorneys named to senior posts in Colorado Bar Association

Garfield & Hecht P.C. attorney Eric Musselman has been named a vice president of the Colorado Bar Association (CBA) for 2015-16. Musselman represents the 7th District (encompassing the Continental Divide, 9th Judicial District, Northwestern Colorado, and Pitkin County Bar Associations). As a CBA vice president, Musselman serves on the CBA’s Executive Council, where he works closely with the CBA leadership on a variety of issues affecting the statewide bar and legal profession.

Garfield & Hecht attorney Chris Bryan continues to represent the Pitkin County Bar Association on the Board of Governors of the CBA. The Board of Governors is the governance arm of the CBA. The CBA assists members to improve practice quality, economics, and efficiency; support and improve the justice system; and enhance public confidence in the legal profession.

Bryan has also been tapped to serve on the CBA President’s Strategic Planning Committee, which formulates and executes short- and long-term goals for the CBA.

In addition, Bryan has been named to the CBA Budget Committee for 2015-16. That committee sets budgetary priorities and allocates funds to the various sections, programs, and activities of the CBA.

Prior to his selection on the CBA Board of Governors, Bryan served as statewide chair of the Colorado Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Division. He also has served on the Colorado Bar Association’s Executive Council and on the Board of Governors in 2006-2007. He currently serves as a member of the Joint Judicial Task Force, coordinated by the CBA. He is a past president of the Pitkin County Bar Association in Aspen.

Both Musselman and Bryan are shareholders and work in the Litigation Department at Garfield & Hecht’s Aspen office.

Area title company head to lead state association

Robert Howe, president of Title Company of the Rockies, has been elected as the president of the Land Title Association of Colorado by the association’s membership during its 95th annual convention and meeting held recently in Vail.

The Land Title Association of Colorado is a nonprofit trade organization designed to promote and advance title insurance issues in Colorado. Its members come together to protect Colorado consumers in their real estate transactions. The organization also provides education to its members, direct outreach to consumers and insight to legislators and regulators about the Colorado title insurance industry.

Howe has worked for Title Company of the Rockies for 14 years, after a career in managing distressed real estate assets nationally, being a partner in a law practice and launching his first title agency, all in Minnesota. Based in Avon, Title Company of the Rockies has nine branch offices located throughout the mountain resort region. Title Company of the Rockies is the mountain division of the ET Investments LLC family of title agencies which is headquartered in Aurora.

Marble Distilling Co. awarded $197,500 USDA Rural Energy Grant

Marble Distilling Co. opened its doors in May 2015 as a small craft distilling operation. The design team brainstormed ideas and explored new ways to surpass benchmarks for green construction, recycling and energy and water conservation in an economically viable fashion, and MDC is taking a leadership role among more than 50 craft distillers of Colorado by launching its innovative Water Energy Thermal Storage (WETS) design to save both energy and process water.

The United States Department of Agriculture has recognized this leadership with a Rural Development Grant of $197,500 supporting the engineering and installation of WETS and a 4.85KW photovoltaic system. WETS enables MDC to capture its distillation heat for reuse in heating the building, domestic hot water and for process applications and eliminates hot water discharge to the town wastewater treatment system. The WETS system also cools the building utilizing a dry cooler and free night cooling in summer and free low temp cooling in winter, eliminating the need for a traditional air conditioning system. The innovative WETS design uses 5,000-gallon storage tanks, heat exchangers and improved controls to recycle heat and water. This design can be retrofitted with a less-than-10-­year payback (less for larger operations) on a WETS investment, including savings in water and natural gas.

MDC is the first craft distillery in the United States to recapture 100 percent of its process water and harvest the energy from the water to heat and cool its building, realizing annual savings of more than 4 million gallons of water and 1.8 Billion BTUs (enough energy to power 20 Carbondale homes).

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