Business feature: Amazing Grace, Glenwood Springs pilates studio |

Business feature: Amazing Grace, Glenwood Springs pilates studio

1. What does your business do?

Amazing Grace is a full-service, fully equipped Pilates Studio. I am a certified Pilates instructor with 15 years experience teaching Pilates and 33 years experience in the fitness industry. I offer private and semi-private Pilates lessons in a comfortable setting with hands-on, individual instruction. I also have low chair classes and group mat classes.

2. What sets your business apart from the competition?

I offer so much more than just an exercise class. I look at the whole person and help them create a more balanced body with uniformly developed muscles and improved awareness and self-esteem. Pilates lengthens the spine and strengthens the core, and when you are working from the inside out you gain so much control over your body and your life. I help people connect body, mind and spirit through the work of Joseph Pilates.

3. What is your key for surviving the recession?

I think the key to survival of any business is to authentically believe in what you do and then do your best work every day. Clients see the true quality of good work, and that always pays off.

4. What strategy do you use to hire good employees?

I have no employees.

5. What is your plan for growth in the next year in products, services or quality?

My plan is to offer quality Pilates instruction in a comfortable setting with lots of attention to personal growth, on all levels, for my clients. I hope to expand the schedule to offer more sessions and possibly include some weekend workshops in such things as “Pilates and Horses” for the horse and the rider to gain more awareness in posture and core strength.

6. What do you enjoy about running a business here?

I just moved here from Wyoming, and I thought I was giving up great views. To my delight, this valley is amazingly beautiful! I really enjoy the mountains and rivers all around. This is a very healing valley with friendly people. I am grateful to be in such a lovely place.

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