CPA services from an original valley family |

CPA services from an original valley family

How did your business start?

After graduating from college I went to work for a local firm in Grand Junction. After a couple of years there I started a small private firm with one of my good friends. I stayed in practice with him for several years before taking a break. During that time period my brother and I purchased a large vegetable farm, which we still own and operate to this day. Several years ago I returned to my CPA practice. Thanks to the great support of my clients I was able to hire my stepson as a staff accountant and open a second location in Glenwood Springs. The timing really worked out for us as his wife was assigned to student teach at the middle school in Basalt.

I have been a Certified Public Accountant for more than 30 years. During that time period I have owned my own firm, which has been based out of our office in Grand Junction. We opened our new Glenwood Springs location in mid-September. I was born here in Glenwood Springs so this is a bit of a homecoming for me! My wife and I moved back to Glenwood in 2006, so I have been commuting to the office in Grand Junction for the past couple of years. My stepson is a CPA candidate, so he and I will be splitting time between the two offices, which will allow us also providing better service to our clients here in the Roaring Fork Valley.

What do you sell?

We primarily offer income tax preparation, tax planning, and small business accounting. Our services help individuals, businesses and nonprofit organizations manage an increasingly complex financial and tax system. With more than 30 years of experience, we are able to provide high-quality tax advice and accounting services at a reasonable price.

What positive lessons did you learn during the recession?

All individuals and businesses face an uncertain future. What we learned is our clients that were organized and more long-term focused were able to better recover from the recession. It was difficult to see some of our clients go through the struggles that the recession caused, but it also reaffirmed our belief that proper tax/financial planning can help both individuals and businesses navigate unforeseen challenges.

What strategy do you use to hire good people?

We are small firm with just a couple of employees but I have always believed in hiring individuals that make up for some of our weaknesses. When a company can hire an employee that has strengths where the firm has a weakness, it allows the firm to grow stronger as a whole and provide better service and/or products to its customers.

What is your strategy for growth in the next year?

We are really excited about the new office here in Glenwood Springs. We think it will allow us to better serve our clients that we already have in the area as well as bring in additional clients. We are hoping to expand our business services. Our small business accounting services allow small business owners to have better understanding of the operating performance and financial condition of their business. We think that is a service that allows businesses to better manage the challenges of our current economy, so we would like to see it grow.

What is the best thing about running a business here?

My family was among some of the original settlers here in the valley, so for me to be able to return to the place I was born to run an office is very exciting. The community is focused on family and friends, and we are all fortunate to call such a beautiful place home.

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