Inside the Chamber column: The good guy discount |

Inside the Chamber column: The good guy discount

Angie Anderson

Local stores are more than just a place to buy stuff. They provide local jobs and contribute to the local economy, but they also offer an experience that simply can’t be found in an online shopping cart.

He was a trained and talented pianist, but he had no business playing guitar. The young teen didn’t have the first clue what he was doing with the new instrument, but when he stepped into the local music store, the owner enthusiastically encouraged him try out the various guitars and amplifiers. Though he didn’t buy anything, he became a regular visitor to the store. The owner patiently taught him how to tune a guitar and gave him mini guitar lessons right in the shop.

After weeks of playing nearly every guitar in the store, he finally landed on his favorite. He’d stop by the store nearly every day to play the instrument as he saved money to buy it. When the day finally came that he had saved up enough to purchase the prized guitar, the store owner gave the aspiring musician the “good guy discount.” This was in addition to all the free lessons he had already received.

The pianist turned guitar player is my husband, Scott. He still has that guitar from Glenwood Music. Though the store has moved to a new location and has new owners, 20 some years later Scott is still giddy like a kid in a candy store when he walks through the door. He could spend hours and hours browsing, testing instruments and talking about anything related to music with the people working in the store.

Recently our 5-year-old daughter, Paige, expressed interest in learning how to play piano, so Scott proudly took her into Glenwood Music to pick out her first lesson book. He could have ordered the same book online, and with the click of a button it would have arrived at our doorstep in just two days, but he wanted to create an experience. They looked through all the books, and she picked the one that coincidently had the same cover as his very first piano book. The two of them sat at the piano when they arrived home for the first of many lessons together.

I’m not sure if our daughter will remember the day when she picked out her first lesson book or how interested she’ll be in learning piano, guitar or any other instrument in the future. However, I know Scott will always remember the day, just like he fondly remembers the many days spent in the store with the “good guy discount” where he essentially learned how to play guitar, his lifelong passion.

Life is busy, and there is no question that shopping online is quick and easy. However, purchasing anything from a book to a car in the community supports local business owners, helps create jobs and pays for essential community services. Local shops aren’t just a place to buy stuff. They provide an unmatched experience.

The Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association is a champion for a thriving community. By supporting local businesses, we can all contribute to the success of the community. Our team has been featuring local shops with our 24 days of holiday shopping videos on our Facebook @gwschamber and Instagram @glenwood_chamber pages. Throughout this holiday season, we invite residents and visitors to share their local shopping stories and photos using hashtag shopglenwood (#shopglenwood) on social media. One lucky participant will win two, one-day passes to Iron Mountain Hot Springs.

Angie Anderson is president and CEO of the Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association.

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