Inside the Chamber: Sights along the road to bridge completion |

Inside the Chamber: Sights along the road to bridge completion

Angie Anderson
Inside the Chamber
Angie Anderson

Where did you go this summer? In the waning months of the season this question will be echoed across offices and school classrooms alike. As another summer season concludes, I’d like to pose a different question, “What did you do along the way?” Often it is easy to get caught up in the destination, the result, the end product. What about the journey itself, though? When traveling to a destination or goal, what happens along the way never seems to get the attention it deserves.

Glenwood Springs has embarked on the process of replacing the Grand Avenue Bridge. While the excitement of the end product can be difficult to shift focus from, the community’s journey towards this goal should also get part of the spotlight. Businesses and citizens are putting on their thinking caps and working together while venturing toward the end result. The Hot Springs Hopper, the Grand Avenue Bridge wayfinding guides and Glen-A-Palooza are just a few examples of exciting things happening along the way, and the Glenwood Springs Chamber is proud to partner and help promote these endeavors.

The Hot Springs Hopper is a free shuttle that provides service from Lot A (located just west of Tequila’s Mexican Restaurant) to the entrance of the Glenwood Hot Springs and back. It runs continuously during pool hours, providing visitors and locals a convenient way to get to and from the pool. According to my 2-year-old daughter, the Hot Springs Hopper is the greatest invention of all time (next to squeezable yogurt of course). Like most kids, she loves to swim at the pool, but she really loves to ride “her” Hopper. She made up a song that she sings during every ride, and she cries when she has to wave goodbye to it.

The Grand Avenue bridge wayfinding guides are another new asset to the community. The Tourism Promotion Board recognized a great opportunity to help visitors navigate to where they need to go during construction. They came up with the idea, issued a proposal and awarded the contract to the Glenwood Springs Chamber. Now there are about a dozen enthusiastic guides providing information and directions to visitors on the north and south side of the Grand Avenue Bridge every day, and they will continue to do so through Labor Day. Glenwood Springs is already known as a friendly tourist destination, and this only adds to the reputation.

People in the community are working together maybe more than ever before, and the newly formed Glen-A Palooza event exemplifies this. The event was created to support the downtown businesses during construction and to bring a vibrant family-friendly life to downtown the second Friday of the month. Live music, art competitions and an outdoor movie are just a few examples of this group’s inventiveness.

The completed Grand Avenue Bridge will be an amazing landmark in the Glenwood Springs, and the community is looking forward to reaching that destination. However, when all focus is placed on the destination it can seem daunting and far away. Wary travelers can be refreshed by a short stop at a roadside attraction, a good song or a tasty treat. Likewise, the Hot Springs Hopper, Grand Avenue bridge wayfinding guides and Glen-A Palooza are welcome sights along the road to bridge completion.

Angie Anderson is executive vice president of the Glenwood Chamber Resort Association.

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