Meet Your Merchant: A cool place to work during a hot summer |

Meet Your Merchant: A cool place to work during a hot summer

Michaelea Kennedy at work in the Snowie booth.
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Meet Your Merchant

Name of business: Rocky Mountain Snowie

Description: We produce the lightest, most flavorful “Shaved Ice” on the planet.

Owners: Mike and Emily Davis

Address: Subway parking lot across from Village Inn, Glenwood Springs

Phone: 970-309-9161


Facebook: Rocky Mountain Snowie

Date business opened: May 2015

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How did your business start?

I’m from a small town like those in our area. And we always enjoyed snow cones in the summer months. We noticed this “important” service was missing in the area. In addition to that we felt it is a good way to give youth in the area a job to learn responsibility and all that comes with employment.

What do you sell?

We offer 37 flavors of shaved ice with a sugar free option and many natural flavors (no artificial flavors or food coloring). We add ice cream to them and call it a Snowie Float, and the kids love Nerds mixed in. Some of our most popular flavors are Tiger’s Blood (strawberry/coconut), Blue Raspberry, Pina Colada, Cotton Candy, Peach, Watermelon and Horchata. A customer told us from Hawaii that our Shaved Ice was even better than Hawaii’s and since I’ve never been to Hawaii I will just have to take her word for it.

Why do you like what you do?

We have three kids working for us, and to me that is more meaningful than providing a scholarship. When I’ve been there I enjoy telling the kids I went to Africa to get the Tiger’s Blood flavor. It’s always fun to see kids see “the shack” and yank on their parents’ arms.

What strategy do you use to hire good people?

We just put a few posters out in schools and asked kids to put in their resume. They are going to have to do it later in life, so why not now. And those with grammatical errors and not much effort we weeded out instantly. Then we had interviews and hired those with great personalities.

What is your strategy for growth in the next year?

Really, I think people just knowing about us will help! We used to vacation at Bear Lake every year, and we would stop at the same place to get shakes year after year. I don’t think this is unique to my family. Hopefully it can become a family tradition.

What is the best thing about running a business here?

Glenwood has a vacation feel to it. There are so many unique outdoor choices in this area, and we have found it feels good to cool off after having so much fun. Also, I would like to thank Scott Black, who allows us to rent part of his parking lot. He has been great to work with.

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