Meet Your Merchant: Life’s a Dish aims for healthier lives |

Meet Your Merchant: Life’s a Dish aims for healthier lives

Laurie Nathe
Submitted |

Meet Your Merchant: Life’s A Dish LLC

Description: Holistic health coaching, whole foods chef and Advanced Microcurrent technician and toxicologist.

Owner: Laurie Nathe

Address: 3950 Midland Ave. Suite #3

City: Glenwood Springs

Phone: 612-298-4610




Date business opened: 2012

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How did your business start?

I had previously lived in Glenwood Springs for 12 years, but I moved away in 2008 when the economy took a turn, and I wanted to learn more about healthy eating for myself after having challenges with my own food sensitivities. Having had experience with a metabolic cleanse that improved my health in 1998, I wanted to learn more. So I moved to Boulder to take a natural chef program, then completed a holistic health coaching program in 2012. I have been teaching healthy cooking classes, making health presentations, and consulting with clients to help improve their nutrition and lifestyles. In 2014 I found out about a new Advanced Microcurrent technology to help with pain and healing muscle bone and tissues as well as killing viruses and bacteria in the body as well as detoxing the body. So I have added this as a new service.

What do you sell?

Consulting clients on whole foods lifestyle changes; testing for food sensitivities and nutrition levels; nutritional support in the form of detox cleanses and metabolic cleanses, essential oils, cooking classes and presentations for schools and businesses; and sessions with the Advanced Microcurrent for reducing and eliminating pain, detoxing the body, killing viruses and bacteria and for facials. Dr. Kathy Stahlman and I together are able to help reduce and eliminate pain, as well as help the body heal from injury. Our services together include ozone therapy, which is great for helping with detoxing the body, relieving flu cold and sinus issues. Together we can help get to the root of the problem and reduce and eliminate pain, help the muscles, bones and tissue heal faster with less pain.

Why do you like what you do?

Our bodies are our vehicle for life. If we do not make our health a priority then we cannot enjoy our lives, take care of our families and work. So I enjoy seeing people step into a healthier lifestyle so they can thrive and not struggle. Especially kids, as our environment is getting more toxic every day with the pollutants that we are surrounded with. We have to continue to be observant and support our body in detoxing and staying fit.

What strategy do you use to hire good people?

I am independent, and I do not have employees. I have partnered with Dr. Kathy Stahlman at Injury Release and Wellness, 3950 Midland Ave. Suite, #3, in Glenwood Springs. Kathy is an acupuncturist with 30 years’ experience.

What is your strategy for growth in the next year?

To be a supportive force in the valley by helping educate others in the importance of organic whole foods, creating a community of people who also want this for themselves and others, including our schools and restaurants. Eating close to nature: Foods free of pesticides and GMOs will keep our community healthy and strong. Teaching classes and having presentations. I started a Meet Up Group called RFV Organic Whole Foods Enthusiasts, which is open to anyone who is interested in learning more and sharing their expertise and who wants to be around others who care about the foods they put into their body. Educate about the importance for our own health as well as our environment and especially our children. I will be at the Grand Junction Health Expo on March 28 and the Glenwood Springs Health & Wellness Expo on April 25 at the Ramada.

What is the best thing about running a business here?

I really missed the valley and am so glad to be back. It’s a very holistic community here, and people love the outdoors and nature, and want to take care of themselves and the land. So I am excited to find other practitioners who also are interested in working together in integrative health helping the community thrive.

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