More than scraping out a living with plow sales |

More than scraping out a living with plow sales

Megan and Bill Kalthoff

Meet Your Merchant

Name of Business: Glenwood Radiator and Snowplow

Description: A factory authorized dealer/warranty repair company for most snowplow brands. We sell, install and repair snowplows.

Owners: Bill and Megan Kalthoff

Address: 0250 Coryell Road, Glenwood Springs

Phone Number: 970-945-8709


Date Business Opened: September 1988

How did your business start?

The Bowlings started the radiator shop in 1988. Bill and I bought the business in 2000. At that time radiators were the main focus. The snowplow side was to keep us busy in the winter. Since that time snowplow sales and service has become our primary focus.

What do you sell?

We sell snowplows: Western, SnoWay, Snow Dogg, Boss, Meyer’s and Fisher brands. We install new and used plows, and we are factory trained to do warranty repairs. We also sell parts for all the brands we work on.

Why do you like what you do?

We like what we do because we provide a needed service and get to interact with our customers.

What strategy do you use to hire good people?

We do not have employees at this time.

What is your strategy for growth in the next year?

Our strategy for growth is to provide skilled, professional and courteous service to our customers.

What is the best thing about running a business here?

We think the best things about running a business here are the great community spirit, the friendly people and, of course, the beautiful surroundings.

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